2020 Fees Update

The following information is relevant to all current students and relates particularly to Trimester 2, which is to commence 25 May 2020.

Like many people and institutions in Australia and indeed around the world, both the College and its students are impacted by the effect of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to help manage the consequences of the pandemic, Marcus Oldham is implementing or has implemented the following actions/concessions.

Residential fees and meal fees have been refunded for the whole period that students have been absent from the College. No further residential fees will be invoiced, until students are able to return.

The due date for Trimester 2 fees (originally set for 19th June 2020) has been extended to 25th July 2020. That date will remain the due date regardless of whether students have returned to the College by then or not.

It is important to note, that while the due date for payment has been extended, the Census Date for Trimester 2 has not changed. The Census Date remains 19 June 2020. Any students wishing to use FEE-HELP for their Trimester 2 tuition fees must advise Finance Officer, Cathy Bent, prior to the 19th of June of their intention to use FEE-HELP.

If Trimester 2 is the first time that you will be using FEE-HELP, you will need to contact Cathy Bent earlier than the 18th of June to ensure your registration is accepted before the tuition fees can be applied to FEE-HELP.

The federal government has announced that it intends to remove the 25% loan fee attached to FEE-HELP for Trimester 2. That means that Trimester 2 fees that are applied to FEE-HELP won’t be increased by the 25%, for that trimester, amounting to a saving of up to $3,675 for most students. At present the legislation to give effect to that change has not been put before the parliament, which is now due to sit next in August.

The College will also review the tuition fees being charged, based significantly on when students are able to return to College. That review will take into account any effect on embedded tours as a result of the pandemic. That review is not likely to be completed until a return to College date is identified.

Updated 24/04/2020