Postgraduate Testimonials

Angela Ainsworth
Master of Agribusiness

“The postgraduate courses at Marcus have provided me with great practical and theoretical skills. From business management through to international business and entrepreneurship, the balance was excellent and perfectly suited to my needs and career.”

Alistair Sutton
Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness and now studying Master of Agribusiness

“My experience as a Postgraduate student at Marcus Oldham College has been nothing but positive. I have found the flexible delivery enables me to fit study in around work and life…at Marcus Oldham you are a student rather than a student number, communications are on a personal level.”

Johanna Hancock
Graduate Certificate of Agribusiness

“My Marcus postgraduate agribusiness qualification definitely gave my career a leg up. Being a practising solicitor in a regional town, this qualification has allowed me to find a new level of understanding when it comes to the business and everyday needs of my clients. I am continually amazed by the number of agriculture professionals that know and respect the Marcus Oldham name.”

Patrick Lash
Master of Agribusiness

“As a second degree, I undertook a lot more research in deciding on the course and the university. Marcus Oldham was recommended to me by several professionals in the agri-funds management industry as being both flexible in delivery as well as respected for their content. So far they’ve been spot-on and whilst I was originally looking at completing only the certificate, there’s too many subjects I’m still interested in to not follow it all the way through the Masters.”