AgTalk Podcast

The Centre for the Study of Agribusiness (CSA) at Marcus Oldham College is proud to present, Marcus Oldham AgTalk.

Hosted by the director of the CSA, David Cornish, join us he talks with the movers and shakers of the Ag world about the issues affecting the agribusiness sector.

AgTalk is available on all your favourite podcast platforms or listen on the player below:

Episode 25 – Budget, Pandemic and Recession – What does it mean for Ag? With Phin Ziebell

Episode 24 – How sustainable are Australian cropping systems? With Professor Tim Reeves

Episode 23 – Asking the Right Questions with Kate Burke

Episode 22 -Leadership, vision and making a difference with NFF President Fiona Simson

Episode 21 – Collaborative Farming with John Gladigau

Episode 20 – Why do farmers need to care about social license? With Robbie Sefton

Episode 19 Dealing with Banks with Ian Robinson

Episode 18 – Livestock production and Greenhouse gases – The Facts with Dr Frank Mitloehner

Episode 17 – Communication and Science – The keys to successful farming with Jason Trompf

Episode 16 – Leadership Lessons from the Cotton Industry with Mike Logan AM

Episode 15 – Decision Making and the Rule of Thumbs with Zoe Creelman

Episode 14 – The Leadership Challenge with Debbie Nicol

Episode 13 – Decision Making in the Southern Farming System

Episode 12 – Commodity Pricing  – Wool and Meat Part 4

Episode 11 – Commodity Pricing  – Wool and Meat Part 3

Episode 10 – Commodity Pricing – Grains Part 2

Episode 9 – Commodity Pricing – Grains  Part 1

Episode 8 – Succession Planning Part 3.2 – Smart Group Properties

Episode 7 – Succession Planning Part 3.1 – Smart Group Properties

Episode 6 – Succession Planning Part 2

Episode 5 – Succession Planning Part 1

Episode 4 – The Importance of Decision making and how we can learn to make better ones

Episode 3 – John Francis High Performing Farms

Episode 2 – The Future of Biotechnology in Agriculture with Professor Kevin Folta

Episode 1 – Dave Cornish and Phin Ziebell – What is going on in the world?

About the Host

AgTalk Host David Cornish

David Cornish – Director of the Centre for the Study of Agribusiness

David has had over 25 years experience in Agribusiness. This experience has included roles such as Agricultural Economist, Agribusiness Marketing Manager as well as senior banking roles in regional NSW and Victoria for NAB. David was the initial CEO of Rabo Financial Advisors and spent five years as a farm consultant with Mike Stephens & Associates focusing on agricultural investment opportunities for wholesale investment funds. In October 2008, David joined Landmark as the regional manager for Western Victoria and then as a strategy manager for the organisation. Before joining Marcus Oldham as a full time lecturer, he worked for Aquila Capital Investments supporting their farm investment strategy in Australia

In his spare time, he is involved in a family farming operation based at Casterton in Western Victoria.