Cattle Club

The future development of Marcus Oldham is vital to ensuring we remain the number one educational institute in Australia for Agriculture, Agribusiness and Equine Management.

Marcus Oldham College is offering you a unique opportunity to support the College and our development programs by becoming a member of the Marcus Oldham Cattle Club – ‘The Herd’.

How it works

It’s really easy! The Marcus Oldham Cattle Club ‘The Herd’ purchases one of your cows for an agreed market value (no more than $1000). You then run an unidentified cow on your property and guarantee to commit to Marcus Oldham the agreed market value of one calf, each year, for six consecutive years. At the conclusion of the six year term, the cow is retained by you.

This is a wonderful way that you can support the College without a direct financial outlay. Dependent on the current academic need, all monies raised will support the bursary and/or capital works program.

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