TIACS was born through the realisation that there were too many barriers to free mental health support, especially for blue-collar and rural communities. Co-Founders Dan and Ed came to this understanding after launching their social impact workwear brand TradeMutt. Their conversation starting workwear was helping bring down the barrier for people everywhere in starting important conversations about mental health.

What they soon came to learn was that when someone was having a conversation with a peer or loved one and they felt further assistance was required or a professional support needed, to gain access to that support was firstly hard to gain access to due to cost, referrals required and, in most cases, physical location.

So TIACS was born. A free text and call service to counsellors. Our mission, to be the mental health counselling service you tell your mates about.

To learn more about TIACS, please visit: https://www.tiacs.org/