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    * A student on a student visa must NOT undertake more than 25% of the course with off-campus units in final year


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    Please provide details of all formal secondary & tertiary studies that you have completed and those that you are currently undertaking/ You are required to supply an original or *certified copy of your academic award/s and transcript/s for all tertiary studies and for the final year results of your secondary schooling.

    Industry Experience & Employment

    Agriculture applicants enrolling in this program are required to have completed a minimum of one year of full time practical experience, preferably on a farm or related industry.

    Equine applicants enrolling in this program should have some experience in the Equine Industry and/or riding experience.

    Please outline our previous experience. This information may be used to contact this employer for further details regarding the position held.

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    Previous positions worked prior to your current position (in reverse chronological order)

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    Has any member of your family (relation) attended Marcus Oldham College? If so would you please complete the details below to enable us to maintain our alumni records?

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    Could you please provide the following information in relation to parents/guardians? This information is part of a reporting requirement by the Commonwealth Government Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR). This information will only be given to DEEWR.

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