25 August 2022

Nominations are invited for the Graduate of Excellence Award for 2022.

You can nominate anyone who is a past graduate of Marcus Oldham including yourself if you are a graduate.

Past recipients include Howard Hansen (DipFM’94) in 2005, Geoff Lucas (DipFM’81) in 2007 and current Chairman of Marcus Oldham, Rob McGavin (AdCertAA’93) in 2000.

Award requirements include:

  • Applications must be no more than 1500 words in length.
  • Students who graduated from the College more than 4 years ago (1963-2017) are eligible to apply.
  • All information provided must be presented clearly and accurately.
  • Nominees may be contacted by the rural media
  • Award recipients are invited to make a speech at the College Graduation Ceremony on December 2nd.
  • The winning entrant may be required to submit a short article for MOCOSA.
  • Identification of the person nominating and contact details to be included
  • Unsuccessful applicants may apply in any following year.

The main areas that will be considered by the MOCOSA executive are:

  1. Leadership. Have they/you been prepared to get out in front? How have you demonstrated your leadership capacity in your community, industry or business?
  2. Innovation. Have they/you developed new and innovative ways of doing things? How have these assisted your industry or community?
  3. Community/Industry Presence. How are they/you involved in the community or industry? Are they/you involved above and beyond the norm?
  4. Success. Is the business they/you have, or work in, successful? What impact did they/you have?

Any other supporting information will also be considered.

Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 14th October 2022

For further information including on how to nominate a graduate for the 2022 Graduate on influence, please visit https://marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/alumni/graduate-of-excellence-award