About the Marcus Connect Tour

Marcus Oldham College is travelling throughout Australia to connect with the Marcus Oldham College community. The Marcus Connect Tour is an opportunity to share the remarkable achievements and developments that have been happening at the College and to bridge geographical gaps, rekindle old friendships, and strengthen the alumni network.

The Marcus Connect tour is an initiative designed to actively engage with the Marcus community. This is also an opportunity to listen to alumni, industry, and rural Australia around the needs of the next generation of leaders for rural Australia.

The College leadership is attending the Marcus Tour functions, to catch up with the Marcus Oldham community:

  • Rob McGavin, Chair of Marcus Oldham College Council
  • James Bufton, Chair of Marcus Oldham College Foundation
  • Andrew Baker, Principal
  • Elizabeth Gubbins, Deputy Principal
  • Peter Stephens, MOCOSA President

Please join us for one of the upcoming Marcus Connect functions and keep your eye out for future Marcus Connect functions.

Albury – September 20th 2023

Launceston – October 13th 2023