The Marcus Oldham Scholarship Program holds worthy scholarships for students enrolled or intending to enrol in either the Agriculture, Agribusiness or Equine Management course at Marcus Oldham.  A scholarship provides financial assistance towards the tuition or residential fee and is generally available for the first year of study and, in some cases, subsequent years.

Our scholarships are very generously sponsored by corporate and philanthropic organisations, friends, and families within the agricultural, agribusiness and horse industries. New scholarships may be added throughout the year, so keep referring to this site for more information. In most cases, scholarships do not bind you to working for the sponsor although good employment opportunities could be available after graduation.

There are a number of factors considered at the interview stage including:

  • commitment to the agricultural or horse industry
  • personal presentation
  • academic performance
  • ability to communicate

Selected scholarships are available to applicants with severe financial constraints preventing them from studying at Marcus Oldham.

Apart from providing financial assistance, scholarships provide opportunities to engage with your sponsoring organisation, be involved in College network opportunities and be recognised by your peers and potential employers.

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