My eQuals

We now offer access to digital versions of academic transcripts and testamurs through My eQuals – the digital certification platform for Australian universities.

My eQuals provides you with an easy and secure way to share your qualifications with employers and other organisations after you graduate.

These documents are tamper-proof, legally valid, and digitally signed to guarantee authenticity. You’ll be able to access your documents at any time, control who sees them and for how long.

My eQuals means that from December 2022 Marcus Oldham College will issue digital academic transcripts and award parchments (testamur) through My eQuals.

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is a secure online way to view, store and share your digital documents and has been adopted by universities across Australia and New Zealand to issue these documents. My eQuals guarantee the integrity and authenticity of your digital documents by providing digitally certified documents.

Why My eQuals?

My eQuals provides:

  • convenient, instant access to your documents at anytime from anywhere.
  • a secure and instant way to share your documents. You control who can view your documents and for how long.
  • confidence the document is genuine by those who view your digitally certified documents via My eQuals.
  • a secure way to store your documents indefinitely.
  • Application processes (both study and professional accreditation) are also increasingly moving into the digital realm. Using My eQuals, you will be able to provide a hyperlink (URL) with any electronic application rather than attaching scanned documents or sending originals.

Award parchments (testamur) will continue to be issued. You have the option of receiving this award parchment at a graduation ceremony, have it sent to you or collect from the Administration Office following the graduation ceremony.

Who can access My eQuals?

From December 2022 all students who complete the requirements of their program will receive a digital completion transcript. All students who graduate from this date will receive a digital conferral transcript, and award parchment (testamur). Paper award parchments (testamur) will continue to be issued. Students who graduated from the College from 2019 onwards will be able to access their transcripts from My Equals from December 2022.

How to access My eQuals

From December 2022 when completion transcripts and conferral documents are issued by Marcus Oldham College an email is sent to your MOC email account advising a document is available.  The email contains a link with instructions to register with My eQuals. Once registered you will receive a second email asking you to activate your account.

My eQuals online videos that you might find helpful:

Watch this video to explain how My eQuals works
Creating an account
Sharing your documents

How to login

Please follow the instructions in the email inviting you to join My Equals carefully. To login, please visit: https://www.myequals.net/#/user/login

Managing your account

Your Marcus email is only valid for 3 months post-graduation – you are required to change your my eQuals account email address as soon as possible.

If you have qualifications from more than one participating university, you can combine them into one account. You can also share to social media.

To manage your My eQuals account, once logged in, go to the Help? button next to your name on the top menu bar, and follow the instructions given for account linking.

Linking to your personal email

Account Settings (top right) – Link Another Email


Explanation on how to link your My eQuals email to your personal email