How to Apply

2024 Sir Charles Darling Graduate of Excellence Award

Nominations for the Graduate of Excellence Award for 2024 will open shortly.

You can nominate anyone who is a past graduate of Marcus Oldham or yourself.

Past recipients include Howard Hansen (DipFM’94) in 2005, Geoff Lucas (DipFM’81) in 2007 and current Chairman of Marcus Oldham, Rob McGavin (AdCertAA’93) in 2000.

Award requirements include:

  • Applications must be no more than 1500 words in length.
  • Students who graduated from the College more than 4 years ago (1963-2019) are eligible to apply.
  • All information provided must be presented clearly and accurately.
  • Nominees may be contacted by the rural media
  • Award recipients are invited to make a speech at the College Graduation Ceremony in December.
  • The winning entrant may be required to submit a short article for MOCOSA.
  • Identification of the person nominating and contact details to be included
  • Unsuccessful applicants may apply in any following year.

Applications close 5pm Friday 11th October 2024

The main areas that will be considered by the MOCOSA executive are:


  • Have they/you been prepared to get out in front?
  • How have they/you demonstrated leadership capacity in their/your community, industry or business?


  • Have they/you developed new and innovative ways of doing things?
  • How have theses assisted their/your industry or community?

Community/Industry Presence 

  • How are they/you involved in the community or industry?
  • Are they/you involved above or beyond the norm?


  • Is the business they/you have, or work in, successful?
  • What impact did they/you have?

Any other supporting information will be considered.

Applications to be submitted to:

Georgie Thomson BB(Agri)’12

Secretary MOCOSA Executive


0409 940 295