22 February 2018

International Racehorse Transport (IRT) has been an invaluable supporter of the College and more specifically the Equine program for almost 30 years. Over this time, their support has largely been through the provision of student scholarships, encouraging Asian students to study in Australia. Past recipients have come from such countries as India, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Due to the increasing need to upgrade the 20-year-old College horse float, IRT agreed to change their focus this year and assist the Foundation by funding a much-needed replacement. This float not only allows students the opportunity to expand on their practical and competitive interests while at the College, it is also a firm statement from IRT of the importance for safe travel, for both horse and handler.

Executive Chairman of the IRT Group, Mr Quentin Wallace is not only a Fellow of the College Foundation, he, together with his wife Lorna are long-standing employers of our graduates. “In the 45 years since IRT started in business, there has been a transformation in the way horse people do business. Much of the change is a result of IT/Social Media which, to its credit, the horse industry has firmly embraced. Racing is no longer parochially focused on state or country, it is beamed around the world. The breeding industry is no longer centred on stallion and mare owners in their immediate vicinity, it has become national if not international as it strives to attract international breeders for their stallions and buyers for the yearling sales. The changes have meant the horse industry has had to become more professional, not only in the management of their stock but in the day to day running and promotion of their businesses. In achieving these aims education has come to the fore with there being no better place in Australia & Asia than Marcus Oldham to attain the skills and knowledge to become a professional member of the industry.”

The College Foundation, together with the Equine lecturing team and students are very grateful to IRT for their ongoing support and this wonderful new and safe form of travel.