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The Centre for the Study of Agribusiness is hosting a business luncheon with keynote speaker Emma Weston, CEO & Co Founder of AgriDigital.

Keynote Speaker

Emma Weston
CEO & Co Founder, AgriDigital

Emma is the CEO and Co Founder of AgriDigital, one of Australia’s leading emerging agtech and fintech companies. Emma has had a diverse career as a lawyer, agribusiness executive and executive coach. She is mentor to several start ups and founders in Australia and overseas and was recently named one Australia’s Top 25 Fintech Influencers and was awarded Female Fintech Leader of the Year and Emerging Fintech Leader of the Year for 2017 by FinTech Australia as well as Female Fintech Leader of the Year at the 2017 Australian Fintech Awards.

In December 2016, AgriDigital achieved the world’s first settlement of a physical agri-commodity on a blockchain between a farmer and a buyer in NSW, Australia and this was recognised by Fintech Australia presenting AgriDigital the Excellence in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology award for 2017. AgriDigital recently launched its digital supply chain platform for the agricultural sector and continues to work with blockchain and other novel enabling technologies to bring efficiency and transparency to global supply chains.

A sought after speaker on agtech, fintech, women in tech and blockchain, Emma holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a LLB (Hons) and a BA from the University of Melbourne. Emma is an active tech community member and advisor to start ups. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a non-executive director of the Australian Digital Commerce Association and Fintech Australia.


LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/emmamweston

Twitter: @emmamweston

Email: emma.weston@agridigital.io



$80 per person, $640 for a table of 8
Two course Lunch and Beverages


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E:  anderson@marcusoldham.vic.edu.au
P:  03 5247 2928