31 March 2023

2023 Dairy Australia Conference
Kyella-McKenna FM3, Will Renyard BBAg22, Lachie Davis BBAg22, Jack Wilson FM3, Eliza Lucas FM3, April Browne Dairy Australia

Current and past Marcus’ students headed south to the Australian Dairy Conference in Hobart from 15-17th February, adding to the record-breaking attendance numbers. The students, all recipients of the Dairy Farm Managers Scholarship sponsored by Dairy Australia joined the 600 farmers, industry representatives and other undergraduate students from across Australia.

The conference provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to establish new connections and consolidate existing professional relationships.

Kyella McKenna FM3 said, “It was a great opportunity to go to an event and network with global leaders in the industry. It reinforced the issues of welfare and climate change and the role we, as the future of the dairy industry, should be playing.”

Our students had the opportunity to visit several farms and agritourism businesses across Tasmania as part of the pre-conference tour including a robotic dairy, pasture-based systems and operations partnering with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture to conduct research trials of asparagopsis for reducing methane output. Key themes of the conference included a focus on workforce and succession planning, animal welfare and addressing social license and opportunities for growth within the industry.

Applications for the Dairy Australia Dairy Farm Managers Scholarship are now open for people seeking to build a career in farm management. A Dairy Learning Plan is provided as part of the College’s Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) course, enabling sponsored students to develop dairy specific business management skills. An 11-month practical placement on a working dairy farm is a core component of the course, alongside two years of study.

To learn more, please visit https://marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/courses-enrolment/scholarships/available