05 December 2020

Originally published 6th March 2020

I am delighted to announce that the Douglas Boyd Learning Centre was officially opened on Thursday 27 February of this year.

Celebrated with our Patron Benefactor, Mr Philip Myer, members of the Boyd/Myer family, donors, loyal community members and the student cohort of 2020, this five year vision, has become an exciting reality.

The new learning centre provides a new heart to the campus that brings students, graduates, educators and the global college community together.

Now fully functional, the new generation learning spaces provide a superior setting for both students and lecturers, enabling a more interactive and collaborative learning experience.

The flexibility incorporated into each of the learning areas within the Auditorium facilitate innovative teaching techniques, enable small and large group collaboration and empower every student with an individual learning experience. The Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Amphitheatre provides students with more practical insight and hands on training opportunities.

With 24/7 access, the innovative technological and communication systems provide students with seamless connection to the world. Virtual interaction, recording and editing facilities are some of the many features that students will benefit from.

The Douglas Boyd Centre will allow our students the ability to connect with great minds all over the world and provide learning opportunities never before available to a Marcus student.

It is an exciting time for Marcus Oldham and I would invite you to call in and see this remarkable building for yourself.

Dr Simon Livingstone