01 November 2019

After five years in the making, it is time to present one of the most important educational initiatives undertaken at Marcus Oldham.

The new Learning Centre is near completion and the close link it has between the residential wings, library and current classrooms is clearly evident. The Centre will be the hub of academic activity and learning on the campus. Its design incorporates flexibility to cater for different uses and learners, a range of clienteles, evolving technologies that the College cannot necessarily envisage now and changing styles of instruction in the future.

For the first time, the College’s history will be showcased throughout the facility. Marcus Oldham’s history is a remarkable story beginning with a bequest which enabled an independent College specialising in farm management to be established in Geelong in 1962.

Starting with fourteen students, it has grown to become the foremost agriculture, agribusiness and equine management institution in Australia with an alumni in excess of 3500.

It is a story about personalities, the visionaries who conceived the idea, the dedicated staff who developed the methodology and curriculum and the members of the Council who have guided the College over the decades to ensure its success.

Through the philanthropic generosity within the College community our advancement has been well supported and considered.  Special thanks is extended to Philip Myer, The Scobie & Claire Mackinnon Trust, The Yulgilbar Foundation, The Thyne Reid Foundation, Mr John B Fairfax, The Tim Fairfax Foundation, The Geoff & Helen Handbury Foundation, The Anthony Costa Foundation and the Baillieu families through Yarram Park.

As promised, the new Learning Centre will be fully operational at the commencement of 2020.  The official opening and reveal of the Learning Centre name will be held on Thursday 27 February 2020.   For anyone who would like to attend, please make contact with Alannah Halloran in the Foundation office.

If you are passing through Geelong at any time, please feel free to call in and see this amazing facility for yourself.

There are a number of spaces still available for interested philanthropists.  We intend to continue the “We Need Great Minds” Learning Centre campaign until the end of 2020.


Simon Livingstone


Learning Centre November 2019