2024 Residential Fees

Residential Fees for 2024.

Residential Fees vary according to time in residence.

Each on-campus course has a different requirement for time in residence.

2024 Residential Fees
Course Year of Study Time in Residence Annual Residential & Meals Fee
Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Year 1 39 weeks $19,770
Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Year 2 Off-campus $0
Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Year 3 39 weeks $19,770
Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) Year 1 37 weeks $18,730
Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) Year 2 37 weeks $18,730
Advanced Diploma of Equine Business Management Year 1 37 weeks $18,730
Postgraduate Studies Off-campus $0
Other Fees


Lunches Fee
Students studying full time on-campus but residing off campus may choose to take lunch time meals. Terms and conditions apply to non-resident students taking weekday lunches, see finance officer for details. Fee per week $74
Workshop Fees
Post Graduate students may from time to time be able to attend workshops associated with their unit of study. Workshop fees will vary. Fee per workshop TBA