The Program

The five-day workshop involves facilitators who have both the training skills and empathy to understand the issues facing rural industry and communities, and industry background to assist in the development of solutions.

Training sessions include:

  • goal setting
  • developing action plans
  • leadership and team building
  • community leadership
  • learning and communication including public speaking and working with the media
  • understanding self and others
  • negotiation

Formal dinners during the week provide the opportunity for the participants to hear and debate the views of keynote speakers on a range of issues, which have relevance for rural and regional Australia. Issues such as the impact of climate change, water as a natural resource, building regional and rural communities, and native title legislation have been debated during previous programs. The dinners offer the opportunity to access these speakers and their views – an opportunity which may not be available in a regional or rural community.

The Leadership program features an Industry Dinner, supported by NAB Agribusiness. The dinner enables participants, industry supporters and a number of invited guests to be challenged and uplifted by keynote speakers sharing their views on current industry issues. The dinner also provides the opportunity for the participants to network with the industry supporters and industry guests.

Learning Outcomes

You can expect to gain:

  • an appreciation of the demands of leadership within the current rural environment
  • awareness of the five major practices of successful leaders
  • an understanding of your own strengths and development needs, and how these interact
  • communication strategies
  • decision-making skills

You can expect to understand:

  • what are the leadership behaviours and actions that make a difference
  • strategy development and implementation
  • confidence to implement knowledge into your specific work and community context

You can expect to experience:

  • time to reflect on the events of your personal and work life up until now
  • networking opportunities with agri-related industry and community leaders who face a range of similar leadership challenges in their work, family and community lives.
  • hands on experiential learning environment
Participant Selection

The program is open to leaders and emerging leaders from across rural Australia. Applicants are accepted based on their:

  • potential to contribute as a leader in their community and industry
  • demonstrate a desire to develop their leadership skills, self-confidence and personal effectiveness
  • capacity to contribute to our diverse national industry, sector and role representation criteria

There are no maximum age or experience criteria, however, it is preferable participants are at least 21 years of age.