Rural Thinkers 2040

Rural Thinkers is an initiative of the Centre for the Study of Rural Australia that investigates the question: What will be the big picture issues for Rural Australia in 2040? The Rural Thinkers project is our way of  generating a national conversation about the issues that will impact on the next generation of rural communities.

Stage 1 is to conduct a pilot survey to gather information from Marcus Oldham College staff, students and Alumni on issues/topics facing Rural Australia. The pilot survey will establish a base line of likely themes to be explored. The survey results will be published here and you can provide your comments on it at our Rural Thinkers 2040 blog.

Stage 2 is dependent on funding. This phase will involve surveying a wider distribution of external individuals/groups on issues/topics facing Rural Australia The results from both surveys will provide the basis for a number of think tanks, forums, webinars and strategy papers by influential thinkers hosted through the CSRA.