Open to students who meet the College entry requirements and are enrolled or intending to enrol in Year 1 of the Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Program and show a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the agriculture Industry.

The funds will be allocated on the basis of $15,000 in the first year of study and $15,000 in the final year of study.

Closing date 31 July 2023 (5pm AEDT)
Interview date Week beginning 21 August 2023
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Excel Farms is a new and fast-growing agriculture company, a joint venture with international and Australian investors. Managed by an investor and a highly experienced local team. With a variety of properties, the partnership aims at building a portfolio of agricultural assets mainly producing grains, wool, and livestock, not limited to the state of Victoria. Through modern farming techniques, various capital projects, and proficient property management, the company seeks to unlock the best risk-adjusted returns for value for its investors with better than average yields and cost synergies across properties.

  1. What factors or motivations drive your involvement and interest in the field of Australian agriculture?
  2. What qualities and characteristics do you believe contribute to being an effective farm manager? Give an example of something you have experienced/observed.
  3. What are your career goals and aspirations?
How To Apply