Available to applicants enrolled or intending to enrol in Year 1 of the Agriculture Program or Year 1 of the Agribusiness Program.

Closing date 21st July 2023
Interview date Week beginning 28th August 2023


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Warakirri Asset Management is a leader in Australian agricultural investment management with over 22 years’ experience in acquiring, developing and operating agricultural assets on behalf of institutional investors.

Over this period, Warakirri has developed an in-depth understanding of the investment principles which are critical for the success of institutional agricultural investments.

Warakirri Asset Management is the trustee and manager of the Warakirri Cropping Trusts, the Warakirri Dairy Industry Trusts and is the investment manager for the Daybreak Cropping group. Warakirri Cropping and Daybreak Cropping are large-scale broadacre grain producers and Warakirri Dairies is a large-scale milk producer.


Warakirri Cropping Trusts
Warakirri Cropping owns and operates ten large-scale cropping aggregations totalling approximately 100,000 hectares and production potential in excess of 200,000 tonnes of grain per annum.

Warakirri Cropping employs full-time farm staff who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the properties. On-farm employees are supported by a specialised management and administration team based in Melbourne.  Contract service providers are utilised for some farming operations.

The Warakirri Cropping properties are spread across the key northern, southern and western grain production regions of Australia.


Daybreak Cropping Group
Daybreak Cropping was established in 2016 and is a national broadacre cropping business managed by Warakirri Asset Management.

Daybreak Cropping acquires broadacre cropping farms, employs local expertise to operate them and improves the farms productivity by investing in technology, soil amelioration and supporting infrastructure.

At present, Daybreak Cropping owns three large-scale cropping aggregations covering over 23,000 hectares in Victoria, NSW and WA and is looking for new acquisition opportunities in most cropping regions in Australia.


Warakirri Dairy Industry Trusts
Warakirri Dairies, established in 2006, owns and operates approximately 4,600 hectares across 11 dairy farms in Victoria and southeast South Australia.  Combined, the dairy farms milk more than 8000 cows and produce approximately 70 million litres of milk per annum.

Warakirri Dairies employs a team of full-time farm staff who are committed to the profitable and sustainable management of the properties. The on-farm team are supported by a specialised management and administration team based in Melbourne. Contract service providers are utilised for a number of farming operations such as spraying, seeding and silage making.


Our Philosophy
To generate wealth for our investor, by owning and operating a diversified portfolio of cropping properties, in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our Farming Philosophy
To operate efficient farms, utilising industry best practice, conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

Our Vision
To protect, enhance and evolve the business, meeting and exceeding our investor’s expectations, whilst developing and supporting our people.


The scholarship recipient is highly encouraged to undertake their Industry Placement at Warakirri Agricultural Trusts

  1. In approximately 500 words describe what motivates you to be involved in Australian Agriculture and what are your ambitions in the future.
  2. Describe also what the scholarship would mean to you.
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