Available to applicants enrolled or intending to enrol in Year 1 of the Agriculture Program.The scholarship is available to Australian Students who wish to pursue a career as a Farm Manager within Australia. Applicants will need to demonstrate a genuine need for financial support.

Closing date 6th August 2021
Interview date 12th September 2021
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The property is situated at Skipton in the Western Districts of Victoria, approximately 1 hour North West of Geelong.

The property runs a mixed farming operation, with mainly fine to medium wool Merino sheep along with a prime lamb flock. There is a significant amount of cropping undertaken on the property.

The owner wants to encourage young people into farm management as a profession and is strongly committed to supporting their education through Marcus Oldham.


The applicant must demonstrate a real need for financial assistance to attend Marcus Oldham and have a real desire to become a farm manager upon graduation.

The funds will be allocated on the basis of $15,000 in Year 1 of study and $5,000 in Year 3 of study.

  1. Describe in no more than 500 words the most important attributes of a successful farm manager in Australia.
  2. Describe in no more than 500 words why you are in need of financial support to attend Marcus Oldham.
How to Apply