Graduate Attributes and Program Outcomes

Graduate Attributes describe the aspirations the College has for the qualities, knowledge and capabilities that students will have upon graduation, and are appropriate to their level of study. Marcus Oldham Graduate Attributes span all levels of study at the College. They are categorised as Knowledge, Skills, and the Application of Knowledge and Skill, as they apply to the contexts of the agriculture, agribusiness and equine industries.

• Skilled, with a thorough understanding of their discipline area
• Integrated knowledge of agricultural/equine industries and business management
• Capable of researching, evaluating, and developing business ideas and implementation plans
• Aware of innovation and technology applications for agriculture/equine businesses
• An understanding of broader contemporary opportunities and issues across the agricultural sector.

• Independent thinkers and decision makers
• Able to engage professionally while working with others
• Confident in communicating and negotiating with people across a wide range of business sectors and activity areas within the agricultural/equine industries
• Able to gather information, question, and engage in critical thinking
• Resilience in self-management and the management of others

Application of Knowledge and Skill
• Workplace and business ready
• Practical and guided by well-developed strategic and theoretical business frameworks
• Understanding of global markets and business, with a strong grounding in rural and regional Australia
• Committed to ethical conduct and sustainable practice

Graduate Attributes and Program Outcomes