Mission, Values & Culture

To advance agriculture through innovative educational programs in Farm, Agribusiness and Equine Business Management. To prepare motivated progressive professionals who will excel in the national and global environment.

Our values
  • We pursue excellence
  • We are proud to be innovative and independent
  • We respect individuality
  • We have a caring collegiate environment
  • We focus on private enterprise
  • We encourage leadership, loyalty and service to the community
  • We inspire personal growth
Our educational objectives
  • Develop industry leaders who embrace change, demonstrate ethical standards and business best practice
  • Provide an innovative and quality teaching and learning environment that values individual difference and critical enquiry, underpinned by community and industry standards.
  • Enhance our position as a premier provider of applied business education in rural and equine studies through continual improvement, informed by scholarly activity and industry relations.
  • Cultivate a spirit of empathy and engagement with the community, enhancing students’ personal development.
  • Provide a safe and caring collegiate community and an approachable and responsive learning environment that accommodates individual differences.
  • Foster an open mind, progressive thinking and encourage lifelong learning as a pathway to personal growth.
Our culture

At Marcus Oldham our culture is built on mateship, respect for one another and helping the individual achieve. With an active sporting environment, social events and on-campus study and living, Marcus students build strong networks.

Marcus Oldham is the first higher education provider to introduce health and resilience topics within the curriculum across all programs. We believe ongoing strengthening of individuals, businesses and communities in regional Australia is a key factor in ensuring the continued success of our graduates.