As Australia’s only independent agricultural and equine business management college, Marcus Oldham provides a unique educational experience to our students. We equip our graduates to succeed by being change-ready in an ever-changing world.

Marcus Oldham College is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) to provide higher education to young adults who are seeking higher learning and qualifications in the Agriculture, Agribusiness and Equine Management sectors, areas that are grossly under-represented in higher education outcomes.

Marcus Oldham College attracts people who are passionate about the business of agriculture and equine management, keen to come together to learn in a collaborative way.

Marcus Oldham’s education model is based on small class sizes with extensive student to lecturer contact time. Through our excellent lecturers the theoretical information is delivered with close association to the practical so students can apply what they learn in their future careers.

Students of Marcus Oldham are all encouraged to have a number of years working in industry before attending the College. This exposure to industry results in a more mature student, committed to achieving better learning outcomes.

During their study at the College, students will be exposed to experiential learning, case studies, practical examples, and several tours both domestically and internationally.

Students come from across Australia ensuring a truly enriching social and learning experience.

Being independent allows our curriculum to be developed in close consultation with the relevant industries and to incorporate new trends and technology into our teaching programs. Our emphasis is on business management which provides skills that are readily transferable across a wide range of careers, resulting in highly employable graduates who are at the leading edge of their chosen fields.

Having been a lecturer and now as principal at Marcus Oldham, I genuinely believe our College is a very special place. Commence your path to lifelong learning by becoming a Marcus graduate and join our alumni who are leading the farming, agribusiness and equine management sectors across Australia and the world.

Andrew Baker