AgTalk Podcast – The Soil Carbon Series

Of all the issues that we have looked at over the last couple of years at Marcus Oldham College the question around carbon and what farmers do about it is increasingly coming under the microscope.

The recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow and renewed commitments to carbon neutral economies has only added fuel to fire on this issue. It is hard not to pick up a paper and not read about a new scheme or trading opportunity when it comes to carbon.
Questions around market access for Australian primary produce is being increasingly discussed where farmers cannot establish their carbon credentials. Couple this with farmers wish to do the best for their country plus potentially, finding other sources of income, has created a keen interest to explore these opportunities.

However, over the last couple of months, we at Marcus have explored these issues with some of Australia’s leading experts in this field. These discussions have only highlighted to us that this is a very complex areas with potentially, significant land mines for unsuspecting farmers who enter these schemes in good faith.

From these discussions arose two very important AgTalk podcasts that we have released over the year. Both these podcasts delved into question of carbon, one from a trading perspective and the other from a soil science perspective. Taken together they provided us with a robust understanding of the main areas of concern when it comes to carbon farming.

It is our belief that this issue is so important and, the fact that there is a lot of questionable material out there at the present, we have bundled them together and re-released them as a package so that you can have some solid information on which to base your decision making on. I hope you enjoy them and learn as much as we did in making them.

The Soil Carbon Series

AgTalk S2E8 – The Carbon Market and what it means to Australian farmers with Oscar Pearse

AgTalk S2E12 – Soil Carbon – Sorting the wheat from the chaff with Professor Richard Eckard

Australian Farm Institute – Soil carbon farming: where are the benefits?