AgTalk Podcast – The Succession Planning Series

Of all the issues that have the greatest impact on a family farming operation, nothing comes close to when a family farm is transitioning from one generation to the next.

In my experience as both a Bank manager and farm consultant, this was the one issue whose impact both financially and personally could be devastating if handle badly. Often the key ingredient to an unsuccessful transition to the next generation was simple about communication or more importantly a lack of communication.

As many of students head back home to start up their farming careers the question of what and how to tackle the issue of transition if often aired with the lecturers at Marcus. Many of the students simply want to know how to start the conversation so that they at least have some understanding of their roles and responsibility going forward.

The importance of this issue led us to investigate this issue with Jeanette Long, one of Australia’s preeminent succession planners early on in the AgTalk podcast series. Since then, it has become one of our most listen to podcasts of the series. As such we thought it worth while to reissue the succession series as a playlist.
I can’t understate the importance of getting succession planning right. So if you are in the positioning of having these discussion I highly recommend you have listen to what Jeanette has to say on the subject.

The Succession Planning Series

S1E5 Succession Planning Part 1

S1E5 Succession Planning Part 2